I consider Astrology
as a blessing of my ancestors

I am Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini, Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology. My interest inAstrology, Numerology, Graphology, Vastu Shastra, and other sciencescame to me as a blessing from my ancestors at the age of 13-15. Mygrandfather was fond of Numerology and thus his interest got inheritedin my life and has been an indispensable factor ever since I startedlearning this divine knowledge. All I would like to say is this is not magic or superstition but alogical and accurate science that can be traced to our ancientscriptures, Vedas, Purans, etc. It can also be learned by anyone too bythe grace of God. It can be used to help and guide people to discover the features, elements, and future of the person’s character, along withtheir destiny, life path in health, career, marital life, marriageprospects, progeny, etc based on their date of birth, place of birth,time of birth and their name.In these 15 years.

I have consulted thousands of people,especiallyfrom Bollywood, Kollywood, Himachal film industry Him-wood, Tollywoodand Businessmen, etc for services like Vedic Astrology, Numerology-Name correction as per Numerology,  Muhurat of films,  Signature analysis, Vastu Shastra of residential as well ascommercial plots, etc.I have completed my graduation from M.M.KCollege, Bandra, Mumbai. EMDI Institute of Media and Communication.Masters in Vedic Astrology. Also has a degree in Vastu ShastraStudies, Numerology & Reiki healing, Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology( GoldMedalist)Learning doesn’t stop here for me I am still studying and researchinghoroscopes on daily basis, and not only this I learn from teachingand guiding others too.

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Jyotish Gaurav Award 2019
Topper in Vastushastra Studies 2016

How I started my journey??

My journey started when I started predicting to my friends and family throughNumerology and Astrology during my College days and in no timepeople started reaching out to me for more information and guidancedue to my accurate predictions. I have consulted many people just as ahobby before getting into this profession completely. I have done TV Shows in Mumbai – Saptahkesitaare,also written articles in Magazines, Online Magazines like Ideaprenur, IndiaCafeetc, also some articles in Newspapers – Janadhar Sandesh, Bandra Times etc, Jyotish Gaurav Award 2019 for Vedic Astrology, Topper in Vastushastra Studies 2016.I have a wide range of simple doable and yeteffective remedies which can provide you relief from your problems inno time. Right from Name spell change (if needed), Signature changes(if needed), Vastu Remedies,meditation, donations,mantra Jaap, Gemstones, and special Poojas are also mentioned if needed. 

My future plans...

My future plans are to learn more and more in order to predict more accurately and also to help more and more people coming out of their problems, miseries and depression with the help of this divine science “Astrology”.

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