I am Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini

and I strongly believe that “Astrology reveals the WILL of the God” - Juvenal

Gold Medalist Winner Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini

I am involve in astrology for a long and my aim was to complete my Ph.D., I am grateful to my gurus who guided me on the right path and I put my heart and soul into my Ph.D. studies, In result, I became one of the best student in that year’s batch and won a GOLD MEDAL in Ph.D., Another best experience was ranking 1st position in my Vastu batch, I am very grateful to god for my all achievements because without his will nothing is possible
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Online Services I offer

I provide genuine and logical astrological guidance, I go deep into one’s questions and analyze their future to show them the right path in life. It’s my duty to serve people the best services at a nominal price and I ensure one’s privacy and keep the conversation secret between you and me. I will ensure that my advice helps you and guides you in a way that not only motivates but also improve the quality of life you are living.
Ask Question

@ Rs. 1500/-
In this, you can ask one particular question related to one topic

Phone Consulting

Starting @ Rs. 2500/-
In this, you will be able to connect me on call for a detailed prediction

Kundali Milan

Starting @ Rs. 4100/-
In this, you will be able to connect me on call for a detailed prediction

Signature Analysis

@ Rs. 2100/-
The signature represents the mentality of the person, and the right signature can make you Rag to Riches, In this service, I will help you form or correcting lucky signature for you

Yearly Remedy Report

@ Rs. 3100/-
In this, I will provide you with a yearly remedy report in which I will explain each malefic planet and the astrological reason behind all the remedies. These remedies will help you to get all the luck and abundance throughout the year

Numerology Report

@ Rs. 5100/-
In this, you will get full name spelling corrections as per your lucky numbers. I can help you in balancing your name or any commercial company name in order to attract positivity in your life

Get Muhurat

@ Rs. 1100/-
In this, you can get muhurat dates of some events like marriage, vehicle buying, gemtone-rudraksh wearing, etc

Vastu Services

@ Starting @5100/-
Vastu Shastra is a methodology that deals with the science of the architecture...


Jyotish Vidya (ASTROLOGY) is the study of all aspects of planets and luminaries –the Sun and Moon. Jyotish Vidya is prevalent and applicable for the benefit of humanity from time immemorial and its origin can be traced to the origin of life through the mythological and religious revelations like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Bhagwatam, Vedas, Shastras, etc. Hindu Gods and their incarnations were using this knowledge as found in Hindu religious books known as epics. The word Jyotitself means light Ish means God hence a ray of light from God is Jyotish. It helps, protects, and even guides us as to what is to be done next. Astrology is the study of stars, planets, and luminaries and their placement, aspects, conjunction with other planets, and their effect on humans. The time of birth is of utmost importance in astrology to predict the future, the time of birth, or a significant event science. Its references to this can be found in all our shastras, Vedas, Puranas, and epics too. Astrologer Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini is capable of providing you with the best solution as per your planets using ancient methods to help and guide you. 

Feedbacks FromMy Valuable Customers

I was at the stage when the world makes wide strides toward success, I was undergoing a very hard and bleak phase of life. I had problems related to my personal life and career which made me frustrated and hopeless. Then, astrologer Neha came into my life as a ray of hope.She has given me simple and effective guidance and advise to solve my problems. Today I am doing well. Thanks to Neha for her empathy for me.Without hesitation,I can say she is the best astrologer.

Ashwini Gavas

Being a lyricist, it’s very easy for me to describe anything in words but when it comes to writing about Neha I found myself helpless.She is a google map for me in the middle of a deep forest on the night of Amavasya I can sayprayers for her. रब उन्हें अपने दामन में पनाह दे, you are somebody who came into my life as fresh air, your every prediction, every remedy in a great way, A lot of thanks to god for sending you as an angel in my life who resolves all my issues in a blink of eye.


Online Pooja Services

Pooja has very important place in Astrology. Some times performing Pooja by the right intention and right person can minimize ones problem. By performing Pooja, you deliver a strong message to your sub-conscious mind that you need something badly and you are ready to give your heart and soul for the same. It can help you think positively and motivate you to work hard against obstacles / misfortunes to achieve your goals. Actually you can achieve this positive mindset without performing Pooja too, but very few would be successful in this and so the need for Pooja (as a catalyst). Astro Dr Neha Pradeep Saini provides Online Pooja Service with proper viddhi and also provides video of Pooja’s as a proof to clients for giving them most authentic service.

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I have a very deep interest in crime and resolving crime via astrology, looking at the combinations of criminals and victims and I am writing a book consisting of all my research and case studies of some famous crimes and I hope this will help my fellow same interest astrologer

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