Guru Chandal Yoga

Guru Chandal Yoga occurs when Jupiter joins Rahu, a weak Saturn, Gulika, or one of these three planets. According to certain authors, Guru-Chandala Yoga occurs when Jupiter becomes Gulika Bhavadhipa (lord of the sign held by Gulika) or Rahu Rasyadhipa (lord of the sign held by Rahu). Take note that Jupiter must be weak in

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All About Varnada Lagna In Astrology

Varnada Lagna, The Lagna and Hora Lagna are the foundations for the Varnada Lagna. The Hora Lagna represents riches, nourishment, longevity, and the native’s sense of what is valuable in life. The Lagna represents the native’s health, appearance, activities, intelligence, and talents. These can be used to deduce that the Varnada Lagna (VL) will reveal

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Astrology Remedies For 2023

Today is the First day of the year and starting this with the right remedies can add positivity, abundance and luck throughout the year, Must do all the remedies today given below to invite good luck in year 2023:- To make the new year auspicious, take a bath in the  Brahma muhurta by adding Gangajal

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Ideal Life

“Ideal Life” Examples given by work are far more effective than speech. The blank sermon is also of no use unless it is made into practice. Every successful man has one thing in common and that is that he has set examples not only by speech but also by his actions. He insisted more on

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Diwali Muhurat, 2022

Deepawali  is a major festival of  Hinduism.  Deepawali has a special significance in Hinduism.  The  festival  of Deepawali, which lasts for about 5 days from Dhanteras to  Bhai Dooj,   is celebrated in many countries of the world including India  and Nepal.  Deepawali  is  also known as Deep Utsav.  Because Deepawali    means   the row of  lamps. 

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Vastu Shastra Fact or Fiction?

Hello & Namastey! I have been asked this millions of time How can few walls in our house show our past and future? I will now start with What is Vasty Shastra and explain how it reflects our future. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science. A Vastu dosha in Vijay Nagri’s Maya Sabha caused

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