Feedbacks From My Valuable Customers

I was at the stage when the world makes wide strides toward success, I was undergoing a very hard and bleak phase of life. I had problems related to my personal life and career which made me frustrated and hopeless. Then, astrologer Neha came into my life as a ray of hope.She has given me simple and effective guidance and advise to solve my problems. Today I am doing well. Thanks to Neha for her empathy for me.Without hesitation,I can say she is the best astrologer.

Ashwini Gavas

Being a lyricist, it’s very easy for me to describe anything in words but when it comes to writing about Neha I found myself helpless.She is a google map for me in the middle of a deep forest on the night of Amavasya I can sayprayers for her. रबउन्हेंअपनेदामनमेंपनाहदे, you are somebody who came into my life as fresh air, your every prediction, every remedy in a great way, A lot of thanks to god for sending you as an angel in my life who resolves all my issues in a blink of eye.


Very accurate predictions and in-depth knowledge made me understand very well and very honest Thank you so much, mam, she is a gem, She is the wisest astrologer I have consulted, she explains with logic and tell effective remedies too, I highly recommend nehamaam if you are looking for an honest and logical prediction

Naresh Sehgal

Neha ma’am, apne mujjhe dharam sankat maid aal diyahai, kya likhu kya nahi samjh nahi arha, main ekaro baar shuru kia tha bhut ummido se karza leke magarvochalnahirahatha, par jis din nehamaam ne meri dukaan ka vastu kia within 40 days mujhe bhut badha order millauss din ke baad main ek abhi mudhkar nahi dekha, apka dhanywad neha maam, Ishwar apki har manokamna puri kare

Riteish Pandey


Mam’s predictions are accurate. She is very polite. She listens to all the questions and answers each and every question. Her remedies are very effective, I was having a lot of problems in my relationship I thought it’s a dead end but she was the only one who ensure me that this relationship will work out and today I am married to this guy, thanks nehamaam for supporting me at my most difficult time

Seema Mehta

When it comes to Vastu Neha maam is a perfect choice, I was not able to sell my property, and I was really in need of money, so I consulted Neha ma’am and she suggested I get Vastu done on that property, as per her advice I get my property Vastu done by Neha maam, and I am so happy to say that within 2 months my property sold out that too in good prices, Neha maam is the magician for me, thanks Neha maam

Vicky Kapoor


I took numerology consulting from nehamaam, and she helped me in choosing the right signature and balance my name spelling, I was amazed by the results, within one year my financial situation became a lot better, and I could see a lot positive changes in my life, seriously she is the best in her job, Thanks to universe for sending

Sanchit Bajaj

I consulted Neha maam in June 2022, the moment I show her my horoscope, immediately she started predicting my past and present and I was amazed by her accuracy, then for my problem she suggested pukhraj and I bought from her only and within 3 months my problems started resolving, seriously a right astrologer can add positivity into your life

Rohan Makhija

Best astrologer ever. I have consulted her many times. And each time it has been very much satisfying.Awesome as always!! Big thanks to her! Accurate predictions! Always have been guiding me so well, I’m truly thankful to her for being there always, she is very very logical person and speaks to the point, when it comes to accuracy nehamaam is the only solution

Mira Choudhary

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for such a detailed Report on a complex situation and for realizing my actual problem, she pointed out some pinpoint events in life I was actually shocked, I think she is my go-to person, She is a blessing in the life of people like me

Sonal Singh

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