The Next Prime Minister of India: Detailed analysis of Elections 2019

The next PM – Narendra Modi and Elections 2019 – His lagna is Scorpio. Lagna lord and ninth lord moon in lagna creating a Ruchak Raaj Yoga along with Neech bhanga Raj Yoga. Rahu in 5th. Guru in 4th retro. Sat and venus in 10th. Sun with ketu mer retro in 11th. Placement of planets as above.

Now lets check the transits. Sun the 10th lord (House of Career and Fame) is exalted during elections 2019 . It also trine from transiting Saturn and Ketu (sun ketu in agni rashi/ sign).

Transit Jupiter is transiting over natal mars and moon in lagna. Jupiter is vakri too. Shubh grah vakri makes them ati shubh hence it is positive to have it over lagna. Good combination in Lagna.
All these combinations indicate positive results for Sri Narendra Modi.

Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini

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