Why so many Tragedies in July-2017

Hi everyone,

There have been many tragedies like accidental deaths and suicides which took place in July 2017 to name a few are:

1. Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington commits suicide on 20th July 2017, (Mesh Rasi as per name)

2. On the same day a former doordarshan achor Kanchan Rajatnath meets her tragic death when coconut tree falls on her head (dies 2 days later from severe head injury, Gemini as per name – Mars is a maraka for gemini)

3. A 31 year old Othropedic surgeon commits suicide by injecting himself on 11th july 2017 in Ahmedabad

There are more such news to come as

1.Mars/ Mangal debilitated right now in Cancer/ Kark Rasi (Mars is a significator /karak of head injury ,road accidents, dr’s

2.Saturn/ Shani retrograde in Scorpio house of mars is causing more trouble to mars

3. Retro Saturn with its 8th from Aries causing more problems to Mesh Rasi (Name staring from A/ C/ L)

4. Rahu aspecting Aries making mars weak

5. Mars aspects Ketu in Kumbh/ Acquarius causing more agony

Most of the negative events in life takes place when shani, mangal, rahu , ketu aspect each other in transit along with some major planetary affliction

Many reason more but this should be enough to start with…

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