Unknown Facts about Lord Hanuman and his devotion

1) Valmiki was once told a version of Ramayan written in stone that was even better written than his. Jealous and inquisitive he searched for it. He was shocked to find the author was Lord Hanuman. Its beauty of its made him weep. But it also depressed him that no one would read his version now. Hanuman promptly smashed the stone to bits because he hadn’t written the life of Ram for the sake of fame.

2) Lord Hanuman is one of the 7 Chiranjeevi (the immortals who will live till the beginning of the next Satya Yuga and Yes Lord Hanuman still exists between us hence called Ajar – Amar).

3) Lord Hanuman has been so devoted to Lord Ram that he rejected a pearl necklace gifted by to him by Sita saying “I don’t accept anything that does not contain Ram.” To prove his point he ripped his chest to show the presence of Ram in his heart.

4) Lord Hanuman fought lord Rama in a battle and won. Lord Rama was ordered by sage Vishwamithra to kill Yayati, an ally of Rama to which Rama obliged. Knowing this Yayathi went to Hanuman seeking his help, who in turn promised him that he would save him from any kind of danger without knowing that it was Lord Rama who was coming to kill him. Hanuman did not use any weapon in his battle against Lord Rama, instead stood to chant Rama’s name in the battlefield. The arrows from Lord Rama’s bow did not have any effect on Hanuman. Lord Rama then gave up and sage Vishwamithra relieved Rama of his word seeing the devotion and courage of Hanuman and gave Hanuman the name “Veer Hanuman”.

5) Hanuman had a son by the name ‘Makara Dhwaja’ who was a loyal soldier of Ahiravan the ruler of the nether world (world of the dead), Ravana’s stepbrother. Makara Dhwaja defeated Hanuman in a duel when Hanuman went to the rescue Rama and Laxmana, who were kidnapped by Ahiravan.

6) Ahiravan was killed by Hanuman. He then made his own son Makara Dhwaja the king and left with Rama and Laxmana.

7) Makara Dhwaja was born to a fish (or crocodile by some texts). When Hanuman was on his way back after destroying Lanka, he bathed in the sea to cool himself off. While he was doing so a fish (or crocodile) swallowed some of the sweat from Hanumans body and Makara Dhwaja was conceived.

8) Once Hanuman saw Sita applying Sindhoor (Vermillion to Non-Indians) to her hair. He asked her what purpose it served to which Sita replied that it was for the well being and long life of Lord Rama. Then Hanuman smeared his entire body with sindhoor for the long life of Lord Rama. And since his body became Red & is being worshipped by devotees offering sindhoor.

9) Once Lord Hanuman rescued the Nav Grah (Nine Planets) from the captivity of Ravana & was blessed by Shani Dev: “who so ever will pray to Lord Hanuman, Nav Grah (Nine Planets) will never torture them.”

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