All About Varnada Lagna In Astrology

Varnada Lagna, The Lagna and Hora Lagna are the foundations for the Varnada Lagna. The Hora Lagna represents riches, nourishment, longevity, and the native’s sense of what is valuable in life. The Lagna represents the native’s health, appearance, activities, intelligence, and talents. These can be used to deduce that the Varnada Lagna (VL) will reveal further details about the native’s wellbeing, appearance, longevity, prosperity, and most crucially, his career.

It demonstrates how the native intelligence is influencing the value system and the karma that is advantageous for him to carry out. the Varnada Lagna results A person’s life experiences particular karmic developments as a result of the Varnada Lagna being placed in various houses. The results are fairly generic and could change depending on:

(1) Varnada Lagna Placement

(2) The Varnada Lagna Lord’s placement, which has the power to drastically alter the reading.

(3) The Varnada Lagna, which stands for the native intelligence and life and is comprised of the three of a Lagna, is positioned.

Arudha Lagna displaying his rank and image

b) Sun displaying the government (king)

c) Moon displaying society and consciousness

d) Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka

e) Other Varnada HOUSES ASSOCIATED WITH VARNADA Varnada situated in a Kendra to the north Lagna will show a person who has the support of his society and family in initiating his career. If Varnada is occupied and owned by natural benefic planets then the native is strongly supported by the community and such family members indicated by the planets. If malefic planets conjoin or lord the Varnada, then strife, challenges and battles are indicated. If Moon is placed in Varnada Lagna and aspects the 9th house or lord, then career starts easily and very easily. If such a Moon is afflicted then there is considerable mental turmoil and work suffers.Varnada Lagna placed in trines to the Lagna shows a person with good adaptability to any community, understanding and upholding the laws of that community. The Lord of Varnada, If the native has a natural benefic placement, it indicates that he will fit into his job well and be a strong support for his colleagues. If the native has a malefic placement, however, it indicates that he will struggle in the workplace because he will be tormented by his coworkers. Varnada Lagna in a dusthana (sixth, eighth, or twelfth house) from Lagna makes the native shun social gatherings and live a solitary life, loving a life of isolation. The characteristics of the ruler of the dusthana reveal the causes of the distance. The twelfth house’s Varnada Lagna makes the native extremely antisocial. If other variables are present, this placement may demonstrate a satanic attitude toward his community, enabling him to commit crimes.

If the lord is weak, the native will be harassed by demonic beings (indicating a good soul) and, if Mars is the ruling planet, he or she will have to fight them off in order to survive. The demon resistance will undoubtedly be defeated if the dispositor is elevated or the Lord possesses Nichabhanga Rajayoga. In any scenario, the local will be compelled by circumstances to leave his home and seek his fortune elsewhere if the Varnada is in the twelfth house. A person with Varnada in the second house becomes a trustworthy worker and gains a high social position that is beneficial to Rajayoga. Rajayoga is experienced since the Lord is both a natural benefic and is connected to another benefic planet.

The Rajayoga’s origin is shown by the nature of the Lord of the Varnada. The native cedes the throne if they are ill. Varnada in the third house frees a native from adversaries and improves his relationship with the community, making the native content and joyful. If the native is connected to malefic planets, they grant them parakrama (business and courage). Similar to this, if the Varnada is in the eleventh house, the community will be the means by which the individual’s goals are attained. In all circumstances, the final perspective can only be formed after researching the lord of Varnada, planets connected to Varnada, and its lord.

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