Astrology Remedies For 2023

Today is the First day of the year and starting this with the right remedies can add positivity, abundance and luck throughout the year, Must do all the remedies today given below to invite good luck in year 2023:-

  • To make the new year auspicious, take a bath in the  Brahma muhurta by adding Gangajal and sesame seeds. After this, make a stream and offer water to the Sun God. Add rice to the water.    Chant om suryaya namah mantra.
  • If the day is started with the blessings of elders, then there is double the progress of the day. On the first day of the new year 2023, salute the parents.
  • Feed the cow early in the morning, and feed the animals and birds. This work is considered very beneficial to get the happiness of Mother Lakshmi.
  • Everyone knows the importance of worshiping Tulsi.  It is said that after tulsi worship every morning, put basil in water and sprinkle its water in the corners of the house, then success is achieved in everything.  The negative energy of the house is eliminated.   Keep in mind that  January 1  is Sunday,  do not break basil on this day, and use only the leaves that have fallen in the pot.

Happy New Year To All. Have a great year Ahead

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