Ideal Life

“Ideal Life” Examples given by work are far more effective than speech. The blank sermon is also of no use unless it is made into practice. Every successful man has one thing in common and that is that he has set examples not only by speech but also by his actions. He insisted more on doing what he said or doing than saying it.

Without effort, even our greatest resolutions become like building a huge palace of sand. We should have a strong foundation stone of resolve, but we should also have pillars of effort, on which the construction of a skyscraper of success can be possible.

To say is not the demand of life, to do is the demand of life. What is important is not that you are saying good, but what is important is that you are doing well.

Creativity is not only the demand of life but also the imperative. Therefore, not just saying good but also doing good should be our priority.

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